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How To Host An Easter Egg Hunt

Keeping The Little Bunnies Happy

Everyone loves hunting for Easter eggs, but throw a bunch of multi-age children into a field free-for-all, and it can be utter chaos. Little kids melting down, because they aren’t fast enough to collect any eggs; big kids breezing around, bragging about their overflowing baskets; toddlers stuck in the mud; and mamas saddened by the muddied Easter clothes.

It all starts with fun, and momstown has serious experience on the Easter egg hunt front. Let us tell you, momstown Burlington knows how to host a neighbourhood Easter egg hunt that’s fun for everyone. Our annual Easter egg hunt is something that our members look forward to year after year.

Step 1: As organizer, purchase a million multi-coloured reusable eggs.

Take an educated guess about the number of kids that you are expecting, and ensure that you will have at least six eggs per child. Don’t worry about stuffing them with anything, parents are particular about what their children eat...and stuffing them takes forever!

After the kids collect the eggs, have them redeem them at a prize table. They can swap their eggs for a choice of inexpensive spring gifts, like bubbles, skipping ropes, bouncy balls, and sidewalk chalk. The organizer can keep all the eggs until next year, so the only cost, really, is the prize table each year.

Step 2: Assign each age group a colour (or colours).

This will keep the crying of younger kids and the overflowing baskets of older kids down. If only the two-year-olds collect the yellow eggs, and the five-year-olds pink eggs, things will be much smoother. Just ensure that you have enough colours per age group. This trick is also a great tip for keeping the peace in your own family egg hunt.

Step 3: Mud clothes for everyone.

As the saying goes: there’s no bad weather, just bad clothing. Fussy Easter clothes are for inside and calm non-messy activities. A fun Easter egg hunt is neither of those. Bring out the splash pants, rubber boots and washable coats. That goes for parents too! You will have way more fun if you’re not worrying about getting dirty.

Step 4: Every kid needs a basket.

Not a bag, but a basket. Why? Well, that’s just the tradition, and it’s not Halloween with a bag of candy. The eggs are supposed to bounce out when the kids run-it’s part of the memory! Silly bunny ears and drawn-on whiskers do make the pictures cuter, too!

Have a great Easter egg hunt, year after year, like momstown Burlington has enjoyed! We’d love to hear your tips and ideas for hosting the best Easter egg hunt, too!