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5 Reasons You Should Paint With Your Kids

Encourage your mini Monet or petit Picasso

We're inspired by momstown communities across Canada who paint every week with kids—at Picassos in the Park, at an Art & Play program, at Baby Picassos. Painting is a great learning experience for kids. Painting lets kids explore their creativity and express themselves. Painting with kids gets moms involved too. Here's why momstown loves to paint with kids, and why you should too!

 It's fun.

When kids have fun they learn. Learn their colours, how to mix colours, create shades, how make a mess. They are learning and it's fun. If you read no further, that's the main goal!

 It encourages an independent mind

He can decide precisely where the paint brush goes himself. Self expression is included, verbal or not, it's an even playing field.

 So many mediums to discover!

Brushes. Sponges. Fingers. All acceptable! Exploring mediums is the choice of the artist. Allow your child to make more decisions for themselves, give them many medium choices and sit back to watch.

 It's not that messy.

It is, but it's not. Plan for the mess and then the mess will be small. Don't be prepared and your child will body paint themselves in their fanciest clothes. If you're relaxed and let them just paint, you'll see it's not an intentional splatter party (usually)!

 Picassos in the making.

Encourage the arts, you'll never regret it. Lucky for us, it doesn't have to be fancy lesson, just fun practice. Experience breeds confidence and the more your little painter has a chance to explore and gain time with the medium, the further the expertise will grow.

Happy Painting!