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Remember Baby's First Christmas with DIY Keepsake Crafts

A Perfect Gift For Grandparents!

It's baby's first Christmas and you want to find the perfect gift for grandparents, or to keep for yourself to remember just how special this holiday was.

Here are some great ideas to create DIY Christmas crafts with baby:


1. Baby's Christmas Footprint Trees

Paint the soles of your baby's feet with green washable paint. Then simply press your baby's foot onto the paper, and add a gold star on top!

Feel free to decorate your tree as you wish. This is a really simple idea, but makes a very cute keepsake for baby's first Christmas.

baby's first christmas craft, momstown

2. Fingerprint Snowman Gift and Poem 

Paint your child's fingers or hand to create a silly snowman craft. Then attach this sweet poem for a perfect gift for grandparents!

Snowman Handprint Poem:

This isn't just a snowman
As anyone can see
I made it with my fingers
Which are a part of me
Each year when you trim the tree
You'll look back and recall
Christmas of 2012
When my fingers were just this small

DIY christmas craft, momstown

3. "MistleTOES" plate

Nothing is cuter than this craft, to remember just how special this holiday was. Perfect for baby's first Christmas, or to get the older kids in on the fun.

baby's first christmas craft, momstown

Enjoy making memories with your children! 

Merry Christmas from momstown!

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