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Top 8 Snowflake Crafts For Kids Of All ages

Creative Ways To Create Fun Winter Decorations With The Kids

Whether there's snow outside or not, you can bring snowflakes into your playroom with momstown's Eight Great Snowflake crafts!

Tis the season for snowflake making! My kids are on a cutting spree, as they love to use scissors, and cutting snowflakes is right up their alley! If your child is learning to use scissors, give them a hand and make your snowflakes together. They will love the surprise when you unfold them and see the uniqueness of each one.

Snowflake Ribbon Craft:

momstown snowflake crafts

The idea to hang the snowflakes resulted from a window with condensation, making our snowflakes kind of soggy when stuck to the window.

Voila! The ribbon idea hangs your crafts in a pretty way, and keeps them away from the window pane.

We all know how to make snowflakesfold any paper in half, then in half again, and then cut out shapes and designs while avoiding the one folded side. If you want to get fancy, here are some neat instructions for the adult snowflake maker. For the kids, let them explore, as the fun of making a snowflake is the surprise of what it turns into once opened.

Make lots of snowflakes, try different paper, and different colours. We used construction paper, white printer paper, napkins, coffee filters, and card stock. The more variety, the better this craft turns out!

To hang the snowflakes, you will need some ribbon or string. Measure the width of your window and cut the ribbon that length, thread your snowflakes along your ribbon (either through the holes already there, or cut small slits and slip the ribbon through), and then tape up the two ends of the ribbon to make a very pretty window display! Pretty, pretty!

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