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Fun Craft to Teach Your Kids About Seasons

Creative ways to help kids learn about the changing seasons

With the leaves falling all around us and our rakes working overtime, it's a great chance to teach our kids about why the trees lose their leaves and the transitions through the four seasons. We took a corner in our basement playroom and we talked about making it a full four season tree.

Get started with Fall: momstown got busy creating a large wall tree on the playroom wall and spent a morning making apples and leaves to fill it.


Here's what you need to make it:

Brown card stock or construction paper


blank wall


Here's what you need to do:

1. Create a tree using brown construction paper or card stock. You can tape sections together to create a larger than life creation!

tree craft to teach seasons

2. Trace your handprint to create the green, yellow and orange leaves.

handprint leaves to teach seasons

3. Tape the leaves and apples (and a bird's nest!) to the tree to complete your FALL display.

tree craft to teach seasons


Remove the leaves and create snowflakes in the winter and tape them to the bare branches.


Remove the snowflakes and add back some green leaves and small buds or blossoms.


Add more green leaves and full blooms on the branches.


Quite the discussion point with your child and fantastic resource for learning seasons! 

What's YOUR favourite season???