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Signing Up Your Kids for Back-to-School Sports

What inspired you as a child? What will inspire your kids?

With the 2012 Summer Olympics behind us, many kids may be newly inspired by the champions they saw on TV. And back to school brings with it a big parks and rec guide in many towns and cities across Canada. As we peruse the guide (they are offering fencing in my town now!) we tend to think back to what inspired us as kids to take part in and try out new sports and activities. momstown Oakville owner Kelly has some great memories of her hockey career that just might inspire her own kids!

They say the odds of becoming an Olympian are 1 in a million.  Wow!  It really is a special group of people that have committed themselves to this journey and have the dedication to succeed.  But I think that if you think about it, you'll find a time when you competed like an Olympian or at least competed in your version of the Olympics.

When you watch an athlete win a medal or have a personal best, you can see the excitement, the passion and the gratitude that passes over their face.  It's heart warming and it brings tears to your eyes.  You can feel their joy through the television screen!  Have you ever been in a situation like that?

When I was in high school, I played on the girls hockey team.  In grade 11 we were having an exceptional season and made it to the city finals.  It was a best of five series.  We got to game five.  At the end of game five, it was a tie game.  We went into overtime.  First it was 30 minutes of regular play, still tied.  Then it was 4-on-4, still tied.  We went down to 3-or-3.  I was lucky enough to be on the ice.  I was physically exhausted but adrenaline had kicked in.  We all had our hearts in our throat.  Three minutes in to the 3-on-3 play...

GOAL!  I had passed the puck to my team mate and she put the puck in the net!

The three of us on the ice were hugging and jumping up and down and what felt like only seconds later were being mobbed by the rest of our team mates.  I had never felt so good!  It was incredible to feel such a high after accomplishing something we had worked so hard for.  It's still one of my best memories.  That was my Olympic moment.

I trained and practiced for eight months for that win.  The Olympic athletes train for years for their shot at a medal.  I can only imagine the pressure, the anxiety and the nerves are a million times more than what I felt but that the flood of emotions that come after a good performance would be overwhelming and all consuming to a level that far surpasses what I felt.  The whole country would be celebrating with you!

Whether it was an athletic performance, a business experience, a travelling experience or something else, have you had an Olympic type moment in your life? How will it inspire you to share the excitement of sports with your kids?