Quirky & Fun Gifts for the Foodie in Your Life


food - ie: a person with an overly developed interest in food and all things kitchen-related; he or she styles himself as a gourmet, but really she’s just obsessed.

And that sums up the food writers here at YummyMummyClub.ca, but we wear the moniker with pride and so should you. Foodies are difficult to shop for because their tastes are particular and when it comes to the kitchen they’ve seen it all. So we found some ideas that will make them ooh and ahh.

Katja loves to prepare delicious meals, but believes her children should be able to forage for themselves if she’s reading a good book. When she’s not reading, she’s juggling the kids’ sports, her business, volunteering, writing, and an active social life that includes eating a lot of cheese. 

There isn't a cheese drawer in her fridge, it's a cheese shelf, and she thinks cream and butter belong in most recipes. She comes from a long line of nomads who believed in the romance and adventure of travel and she’s trying to pass that on to her children. 

Katja's a freelance writer who writes about travel, culinary tourism, food, and family. She also writes Jack Straw Lane, a blog about life and trying to balance running, a bad case of travel itch, and the kids' homework.

Because she loves using photography to tell a story, you can often find Katja on Instagram

You can also find her on Twitter: @katjawulfers