12 Ways My Kids Had Fun This Summer Holiday

Traditional (and not so traditional) ways they defied my summer activity planning

Did you remember to come up with an eighty-day plan to entertain your kids for the summer holidays? Ideally your plan is diverse and will include activities to cultivate and foster creativity, fun and intellectual stimulation while attending to the concept of healthy mind in a healthy body. Perhaps you’ve compiled a neat little spreadsheet. I don’t know how to break this to you gently. Let me try the Oreo cookie approach: you’re really good at Excel! Your plan sucks. I like how you smell!

See, there’s an alternative plan out there that the kids have and it probably doesn’t mesh with yours. That “plan” is full of gravity, illogic, and reality-defying ideas that you would never think of. I bring you a visual diary of my kids at home. This was just the first week. 

Please tell me some of it is relatable. PLEASE.

Katia is the mother of two boys, a toddler and a preschooler. She is chronically overwhelmed and would like to use this opportunity to apologize for not returning your call/email/text. As someone who both worked as well as stayed at home as a mom she understands the special advantages and challenges that come with each territory. While taking her second maternity leave Katia started fulfilling a lifelong dream to write and make people laugh. (And sometimes cry, which wasn't her dream nor intention.) She blogs about her family on IAMTHEMILK , a Wordpress recommended blog in the Family category. She also gives job search advice on her website Recruiter Mommy but some of her best work can be found on Twitter @KatiaDBE