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Valentine’s Day Playbook For Dads: Lesson 1

For The Win

Okay Dads, this is it.

Your Valentine’s Day Playbook. I’ve split it into 3 Lessons so you don’t have to take in too much at one time. Read it. Breathe it. Live it.

‘Hut hut hut!’

Lesson 1: Cover All Bases

If you’re going to book a weekend away, don’t just pick a date and reserve the hotel—make sure you take care of childcare arrangements too. Same goes for dinner reservations, or any other activity where you’re going to be away from the kidlets for more than a few hours.

On the home front, if you want to whip up a romantic meal, or if you’re letting mom sleep in and keeping an eye on the tots, you want to make sure she doesn’t walk into a place that looked like a bomb went off. Capice?

Think ‘self-contained.’ Your gift shouldn’t make any work for the lady in your life. Not to harp on it, but there is nothing worse than being given a luscious breakfast in bed, only to find out that you have 3 hours of pots and pans to clean, pancake batter to scrape off the ceiling, and more groceries to get because the last of the milk got used. Point.

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Stay Positive,

xo Coach Kat