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Jay-Z’s Miscarriage Reveal

Zen & the Art of Hip Hop Lyricism

I confess, I didn’t pay much attention to the whole Beyonce pregnancy story this year. Even all the hype around the cute Blue Ivy Carter moniker didn’t really grab at me, but when I saw the words ‘Beyonce’ and ‘miscarriage’ pop up in our own Mummy Buzz, I couldn’t stop myself from taking a peek.

In a nutshell, Jay-Z went public with the fact that he and Beyonce had experienced miscarriage prior to their bundle of joy's safe arrival through the lyrics of his new song 'Glory' feat. B.I.C (Blue Ivy Carter). Regardless of the fact that I'm not big into hip hop, I had to have a listen.

This isn’t a music review. I’m not going to talk about production style, or what I think of him having sampled little B.I.C’s newborn pipes in the track—although for the record I have to say that I found it interesting, disarming, cute, and a little odd all at the same time. This is just my nod of acknowledgment to the power couple for turning their experience into something positive and lyrical—a bit of musical legacy for their new little family.

“Last time the miscarriage was so tragic

We was afraid you disappeared

But nah, baby you magic (voilà)

So there you have it, sh*t happens

Make sure the plane you on is bigger than your carry-on baggage

Everybody goes through stuff

Life is a gift love, open it up”



So it’s not exactly penned by a Lake Poet, I get it.

But it touched me. I instantly got hooked by the line “Make sure the plane you on is bigger than your carry-on baggage.” Maybe it’s just me, but that is powerful imagery and frankly, when a few well-placed words can put a kaibosh on a hormonal baby-making-brain, you can pretty much consider it a Zen paradox. Think about it for a while.  And then clear your mind..

Also, “Life is a gift love, open it up” should have its own greeting card. It sent a small row of goose flesh up my arms and put a tiny lump in my throat.

I never in a million years thought I’d be quoting Jay-Z, but there it is.

Relatable situations open our minds to new vehicles of expression. I may have even nodded my head to the beat and smiled a few times in a way that—if I work on it—could probably have my kid gritting her teeth with embarrassment by the time she’s a tween.

Still, the 'should he have done it' camp horns are sounding. Once again it seems the appropriateness of how a celebrity mourns or even eludes to loss is being called into question. Because to think that Hip Hop of all things should address any subject of controversery—let alone a natural event like miscarriage—is just, well, plain shocking. Ha.

Well, regardless of what the diehards and the critics say, I think it was brave of them to tell their story. It was good that he could harness the experience artistically; that they could channel their grief into something positive and celebratory.

Because whether you’re Jay-Z or Joe Blow you just can’t control life, and we all have to find our own way to heal—platinum records and all.


Stay Positive!

xo Kat