Kat Inokai: Trying Times


Are Hair Extensions Right For You?

A Little Length Goes A Long Way

Can a busy mom squeeze a little glamour and a good hair day into her life? Is that too much to ask?

Look. I have Fraggle hair and I’m proud.

It's true. I've had 35 years to accept and appreciate its awesome gravity-defying qualities and wispy, rebellious behavior. And I like it, really I do. I’m also not a stranger to finding new styles and solutions for my super fine tresses.

But regardless of how much I love my hair, motherhood means hormone shifts, no sleep, new schedules, and countless stresses. And as amazing as the experience is, your hair eventually starts to tell the story of your life.

For me that story started to take over my life. It became a bit of a sore point for me — I was juggling projects, a separation, newly co-parenting, potty-training, a move, and still physically recovering from pregnancy losses. It was taking me forever to stick my hair into a ponytail in the morning but I didn’t want to chop it. Visions of Marcy Darcy had me frozen in fear.

It was time for a change. A good one. Equal parts practical and pampering.

Was that even possible?

Then I remembered an option: hair extensions. I’d had them before, but that was in a different, pre-baby incarnation.

“You’re a mom now. You can’t have them now.” I told myself.

Wait. What? Why not?

No, I’m not a starlet or someone whose brand currency is determined by their appearance. But if I was spending entirely too much time stressing out about my hair as it was now, wouldn’t easy-to-style extensions that made me feel happy actually save me time in the long run?

And why was motherhood holding me back?

Could I find a practical, easy-maintenance solution to my hair, without sacrificing glamour?

I decided to go to Civello Salon and Spa on Queen St. in Toronto and investigate with the specialists.

Avry Beninato and her incredible team not only educated me from root to tip about Civello’s amazing Extensilk remi hair fusion extensions, they consulted with me to get the optimal length and placement that was right for my naturally fine hair. Translation? The extensions would look natural. Yes. Natural.

It’s different at Civello. They handle your hair lovingly. They listen to your story. They work with you to bring out your beauty — whatever that means to you. And they are so fun to spend time with, which is good because extensions do take a while to apply.

After I learned about how the bonds work and had them expertly applied to my head, they showed me super easy styling tips and tricks perfect for a busy mom. Less than 15 minutes of work with a flatiron and you can go from pre-school to boardroom to date night… you name it. The sheer diversity of style and personal expression was a rush.

The cool thing? Since I've had extensions I have actually cut down preening and worry time in front of the mirror. That means more time with my toddler.

I am so glad I tried them again for the very first time.

  • They are easy to maintain
  • They are easy to style and their novelty doesn’t wear off
  • They protect your actual hair from styling damage while it grows
  • They are a great fast answer to a new look
  • They can actually reduce personal stress over the appearance of fine hair

More cool stuff?

The team at Civello is a resource for you — they will consult with you about extensions and if they are right for you, and what length will work best with your natural hair. You can feel confident that you will look great no matter what.

They'll also work with you beyond the actual extensions, to match you with the products you need so that when your extensions come out you STILL feel and look amazing.

My fine hair is getting treated with Invati even while I have extensions in. Invati is their ayurvedic herb-derived system that can help prevent breakage and promotes thicker, fuller hair. And it smells delicious.  

The Before and After

You’ll have to watch my latest Trying Times adventure here to see the big reveal. I love it!

A huge thank you to the fantastic team at Civello Salon and Spa on Queen St. And stay tuned! Civello and Trying Times are going to be giving you a chance to be in the pampering spotlight! 


Stay Positive!

XO Kat