Kat Inokai: Trying Times


Kick Valentine’s Up A Notch With Pole Dancing

So. Much. Fun.

Pole dancing is an all-year round super fun fitness regimen that will have you feeling like a kid, and Valentines is the perfect excuse to try it now.

I did, and I love it.

Hands down.

I headed over to Aradia Fitness Oakville to meet with Owner/Instructor Jane Wilson to find out as much as I could about the pole, and learn some awesome moves.

Jane is lovely, effervescent and all smiles, and her Oakville studio is warm and inviting.

Also, she’s wearing pants. This comforts me frankly, as I had a preset notion that I’d have to film wearing booty shorts, even the mention of which makes me stop breathing in a kind of fashion panic.

“No, no..” She’s quick to reassure me.  “When you’re starting out you wear pants. Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable, actually. It’s much later on when you learn inversions (that’s hanging upside down) that you wear shorts.”

Now that that’s settled our conversation floats to the size of the classes and the people who frequent them.

“It’s really amazing. There are women of every age and every stage of life… mentorships and friendships are formed..”


Also, Dads? This isn’t just for women. There are tons of great choreographies and moves on the pole that are perfect for guys.  Seriously.

Watch me in action here — the whole Trying Times scoop:

I was so excited to spend 3 hours doing a pole dancing for fitness crash course, filming Jane’s awesome performance moves, and getting to know her. Thanks so much Jane.

Stay Positive!

XO Kat