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The Barbie Mom Sarah Burge on Anderson Cooper's Show

Anderson Cooper asks this mom to leave his show

I'm not sure if you guys caught this earlier this week, or saw my tweet, but the Silver Fox himself, Mr. Anderson Cooper had Sarah Burge on his show. She is a notable face in the UK as she's appeared on many daytime chat shows as well as in many gossip rags as "Barbie Mom"—because she's a big fan of plastic surgery and is trying to emulate the iconic doll.

Barbie mom was on Anderson I believe to discuss her plastic surgery and the "vouchers" for future procedures she gifts to her 7-year-old daughter for things like liposuction, breast augmentation, and Botox. Apparently Burge had a stripper pole installed at home for her daughter's birthday party ("its good exercise," she says) and is encouraging the girl to have work done—but only once she turns 18. 

Anderson cut her off after she told him that the idea of future Botox sessions for her daughter was because "You don't see Beyonce sweating on stage. My daughter does not want to sweat on stage." Anderson corrected her, saying, "Yes. Yes you do see Beyonce sweat on stage." and then asked her to leave. He said later that he regretted having her on his show. 

I am glad that Anderson cut her off and asked her to leave, but I'm not entirely sure what he was trying to accomplish when he put her on in the first place...and honestly, I think that what this mom is doing is a form of child abuse. She's raising her daughter to believe that she's not good enough as is, and that when the time comes, she can be "fixed" with plastic surgery and make up. 

I do suspect, however, that this is more about Burge than her daughter. She seems to want to be in the public eye and is using her "parenting" as a way to get her name in the media. Either way, it's a damned shame that she's got a child in her care...especially a little girl.