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Miley Cyrus Engaged at 19

How young is too young, even for Hollywood?

News broke last week that 19-year-old Miley Cyrus is now engaged to her 22-year-old fiance Liam Hemsworth (brother of  Thor actor Chris Hemsworth). The first thought that crossed my mind was IS SHE OUT OF HER MIND? That was immediately followed by WHERE THE HELL IS HER MOTHER? If I told my mother that at 19, I planned on being married, she would have taken off her hard-bottomed slipper and whacked me with it (Greek mothers are notoriously tough). Miley's parents are "over the moon!" But why? I'm sure that young Liam is a nice lad and he really splashed out on a 3+ carat engagement ring, but what's to be over the moon about? Nearly half of all marriages end in divorce and I do believe the number is higher for couples married before the age of 25. 

And what about couples who are May-December? The other news that shocked the hell out of me in La-La-Land is rocker, and former Cher husband, Gregg Allman declaring his love for a 24-year-old girl named Shannon whom he declared would not be wife number seven (SEVEN! If I met a man who'd had 7 previous wives, I'd run away. RUN AWAY!), but "wife number one." What does this very attractive young girl's mother think about this? 

What is it about Hollywood that allows for this type of behaviour to be almost "rewarded"? Women like Liz Taylor and JLo seem to be praised for their multiple nuptials and we're basically setting girls like this up for the road of multiple husbands. Number 1? Well, I was too young (see Kim Kardashian) Number 2? We drifted apart (see JLo + Puffy, Ben Affleck and Marc Antony) etc, etc. 

And please, don't even get me started on Courtney Stodden, whose mother seems to be so whackadoo that she's in on the whole thing with a man old enough to be HER husband (the mom's). 

Spill it! What do you think about young Hollywood marriages?