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Tori Spelling Spends $6000 on 6-Year-Old's Party

How Much is Too Much When it Comes to our Kids?


Guys, I'm not sure I understand life anymore. I certainly don't understand other people's choices in many things, but word is that Tori Spelling spent $6,000 on her daughter Stella's 6th birthday party this week, and blogged each and every single detail which leads me to believe that the $6k spent was on top of freebies. 

From the food (sushi and bao — Vietnamese subs) and spa style mani-pedis, to the actresses dressed up as Disney princesses, to the winnable goodie bags, the whole thing was sponsored PLUS cost money. Tori recently lamented that she was bankrupt so I'm wondering who paid for this extravaganza. 

I'm also wondering what sharing this sort of "perfect party" says to day-to-day moms. Not that I don't think that each parent is entitled to spoil his or her little gem, but I wonder what blind spoiling teaches our kids. 

My parents divorced when I was little and I had no idea how little money my mom actually had until I was an adult. She didn't leave us wanting for anything, but she also didn't spend frivolously. Birthday parties were at home with home made cakes (no goodie bags), clothes were only replaced when worn out and dinner was made each night. I grew up understanding what's important and I hope to impart the same values onto my kids. 

I love the saying, "you get what you get, and you don't get upset." We use that quite regularly around here. But that's not a teachable lesson when a 6-year-old has a mani-pedi-gourmet food-princess-spa-extravaganza at 6. 

What do you think about this type of lavish thing? Have you ever given an extravagant party for a little kid of this age? I want to know the why if you did! Would you let your kids attend a party like this? I'm not sure that I would because I could never compete with that kind of opulence and wouldn't want my guys to feel like they were missing out/not loved if they didn't have what a richer child had. 

And that's not to say that you can't teach kids the difference, but at such a young age, I wonder if these concepts are really relatable, you know?


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