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Disney Decides Against Princess Leia Dolls in Stores

Would you by a Leia doll if Disney sold her in its stores?


If you are a woman of a certain age and grew up watching Star Wars like I did, you probably love Princess Leia. She is a crack shot, intelligent and will not let men control her life or her. And anyone who tries to make her inferior feels her wrath! Plus, she's the only chick in a total guy flick and she's smarter and better at most things than the male leads. Princess Leia is the kind of Princess I can totally get behind, but apparently, Disney can't. 

This week, a parent tweeted at the Mouse asking when she'd be able to get her daughter a Leia toy at the Disney Store along side all the other characters from Star Wars. Disney responded that they had no plans to manufacture Leia dolls. 

Yep. The best princess they have (sorry, Belle) won't be available for sale at any time in the foreseeable future. So, what it looks like to me is that Disney doesn't think Leia is bankable. That Star Wars is a boy's world. 

Well, the millions of us fans around the world tend to disagree, Disney, and it's about time you got with the program! I'm sure that boys and girls would adore adding Leia to their collections to play. There are multiple Lego Leias to choose from, and I'm pretty positive people snap her up.

Notice how I said, "people" and not "kids?" That's because the number one purchaser of Star Wars merchandise is overwhelmingly adult fans over the age of 30. These fans are often completists, meaning they need the entire set/figures/all the things in order to feel like each playset is complete. 

Not having Leia is like when Julia Roberts goes back into the first dress store after the shopping spree in Pretty Woman.

It's a big mistake. HUGE. 

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