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Star Wars Casting News: You Could Be In Episode 7!

Winning's as easy as supporting UNICEF


In news that's actually got me at least 10% more excited about Star Wars Episode 7, director JJ Abrams announced today that they will be giving away a prize for one lucky fan to be flown to Abu Dhabi and be put in costume to be a part of the new film. All you have to do is donate $10 to UNICEF's Innovation Labs and Programs

This New initiative (A Force For Change) was instituted by Disney, who has committed $1 million dollars to this awesome charity that works in many countries helping in many new and innovative ways, for anything from helping feed the hungry to school programs. Fans have until July 18th to enter, but make sure that your country supports this kind of contest. I, for one, will be donating. Could you imagine if I won?

Here's the video Abrams made on set to announce the contest and charity:

Neat, eh? I really like that there was a man in a puppet suit rather than nothing but background in this film. It bodes well and looks like this might be less CGI filled than episodes 1-3.

This whole thing was a very VERY smart plan from whoever at UNICEF or Disney came up with it. Star Wars fans are very giving, as you may know, and I love this whole thing. We're definitely entering the contest, will you?

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