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What Is Going On With Avril Lavigne?

From Music Video Mishap to Backstage Awkwardness, What Is Her Deal?


You guys, Miley Cyrus isn't the only celebrity raising eyebrows these days.

First, Avril's Hello Kitty video hit the internet. The song is on her co-written album with new husband Chad Kroeger from Nickleback. The song is atrocious. Some called the song racist, while Lavigne herself argued that she loves Japan and Japanese culture and was trying to honour it. 

If you're going to honour something, Miss, please at least look like you are happy! 

Now, comes word that as part of a backstage meet-and-greet in Brazil that fans paid the equivalent of $400 for, they were not allowed to touch, get close to, or even put their arms around the songstress. 

The photos are hilariously awkward. 

Although, to be fair, sometimes musician's handlers tell people all sorts of insane rules that the celebrity never asked for. This doesn't look like that, though. She seems like she doesn't want anyone to touch or look at her. She seems really unhappy. But I'm not exactly sure why. 

I've never really been a huge Avril fan, even though I do have to admit that when she belts it, she sounds great. Since the bizarro announcement that she was engaged to her now husband, though, things have seemed, well, weird. 

The photos look even more hilarious/sad/strange when paired with photos of singer Rihanna at her meet and greets with fans (thank you, Buzzfeed).

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