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George Clooney Engaged?

George Clooney, Engaged.


I did NOT see this coming — George Clooney is reportedly engaged to his girlfriend of a few months, lawyer Amal Alamuddin. Not only does this remind me of Warren Beatty marrying Annette Benning, but it's surprising based on Clooney's absolute refusal to get married for years. 

But Amal is different than his recent girlfriends, as she has no Hollywood connections. Born in Beruit, and educated in both the UK and US, Amal is a beauty and brains combo that is hard to beat. Have you seen her? She's one of the most beautiful women I've seen in a long time, so yeah, George Clooney would be attracted to her. I'm attracted to her! 

The surprise that everyone is expressing comes from the fact that in recent years, Clooney has adamantly denied that he would ever get married because it's not for him. The confirmed bachelor seemed to be travelling the world, hopping from beautiful woman to beautiful woman and of course, that was his perogative. Hell, if I was George Clooney, I'd probably want to spend my life in medium-short term relationships with all the most beautiful women, too. But, apparently, this very smart, very non-Hollywood woman has stolen his heart. The confirmed bachelor is a bachelor no more. 

There's already talk that the reports are false or that the wedding won't happen, but I don't know. I think that it's hard for people to switch their point of view from "confirmed bachelor" to "doting husband" but I've always believed it's about finding the right person and situation. My husband never wanted to get married but because I wanted it, he agreed, and (I think) he's a happily married man. Situation changes, and the mind can change. So, I say way to go George! Congratulations on finding someone you want to marry.

And Amal?

Brains plus beauty plus being an independent woman equals snagging the most eligible bachelor in the world. Good job! 

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