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Talking Parenthood With Chris Murphy

Rock n Roll Dad Tells It Like It Is

chris murphy

In the last of this series, I'm really excited to share my conversation with Chris Murphy from Sloan. Full disclosure, Sloan is tied for "favourite band" in my life (tied with Talking Heads), so this was a pretty fun/excellent/terrifying interview for me. It was actually really hard to cut this down, because Chris and I had a great conversation that lasted almost 10 minutes! Check it out:

It's pretty excellent talking about parenting with someone who not only seems pretty laid back about the whole thing, but also seems to really appreciate his partner for all she does for his kids! 

I've found this whole series pretty illuminating and interesting from the point of view that while we all struggle with our ideas of having kids and difficulties, most of us don't have the monkey wrench added of being touring musicians to boot. They say perspective is everything, and having had a chance to talk with people who are doing what some of us would consider to be very scary is amazing and hopefully will push you (like it's been pushing me) to try new things with the kids. 

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