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Why Celebrities Should Think Before They Speak

Dear Ellen


Recently, on her show, Ellen Degeneres spoke out against the seal hunt in Nunavut. The hunt has been a hot topic off and on with celebrities for years. From Pamela Anderson to Morrissey (who won't tour Canada because of it) and even Paul McCartney, the lack of understanding around the hunt has been hurtful and, in my opinion wrong. Killa Enaruk Strauss is an Inuit young woman who was disheartened by Ellen's flippant remarks against the hunt and, well, I'll let you see her perfect argument for yourself. 

When she talks about food in the Arctic, many of us don't quite understand what this means. Prices are beyond sky-high. Higher than most of us in the south could even fathom to understand. It's really so ridiculous for them to argue against something they really have no understanding of. 

This blatant disregard for learning both sides of the coin, or even trying to understand why something is going on before someone opens their mouths seems to be the norm in Hollywood. Ellen claims to be an animal lover, but only when it suits her. When these celebrities stop blanket attacking people, cultures, and hardships and making them into their own personal cause célèbres, it will be much easier to take what any of them have to say seriously. 

What do you think? Do celebs think before they speak?


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