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Talking Parenthood with Damian Abraham

Punk Rock Parenting at its finest


Next up in my series, I'm pretty excited to interview Damian Abraham, of the Polaris Prize winning Toronto punk band Fucked Up (Damian also hosts The Wedge on Much Music). If you haven't figured out by now, I'm a big fan of punk rock, and I really enjoy the band's style, sound and it's evolution. I'm also a big fan of hearing about dads, music and the life of a travelling musician. 

I originally met Damian because I knew his wife sold (and still sells) noise cancelling headphones for kids to protect their ears when they go to concerts, and Matt and I wanted to take the babies to see Iggy and The Stooges last summer. Both Damian and Lauren have inspired us to be more open to non-kid friendly events and making those events work for a small family. 

I'm really loving the idea of taking kids to concerts, and there are a few outdoor festivals we're considering for this summer. Damian's bandmate Josh also helps organize Long Winter, which hosts a series of events including a kids concert each year. Speaking with Damian gives me hope that we can keep some semblance of our lives while being parents to our kids!

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