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Is Lady Gaga's Born This Way Charity a Scam?

Singer's charity spent $5,000 on actual charitable grants


I used to work for Canada's largest charity, The Canadian Cancer Society. The society does all sorts of great stuff for people including driving people to their appointments, offering support and information on treatment and diagnosis. It's a great charity that has helped my family in times of struggle. Having worked for the society for many years, I am always interested in how other charities work, so this story about Gaga's Born This Way charity really caught my eye. 

Lady Gaga started Born This Way a few years ago to support LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered) youth to help them overcome the stigma they may face coming out. However, the charity's 2012 statements show that of the $2.6 million they raised, less than $5,000 actually went to charitable acts. 

Less than $5,000. There's even a whopping $808, 661 spent on what they call "other" and don't even expain what that other is. That's close to half of what they raised! I don't know about you, but while I understand that there are loads of expenses that come with running a charity right, the fact that the only money that appears to be earmarked for grants is $5,000. This seems like a huge mismanagement to me.

You can see the rundown in more detail at The New York Post. For the charity's part, they took to The Huffington Post today to "set the record straight." Tell me what you think. Did Gaga squander charity money?

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