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Music Video By Boggie Explores Photoshop

The New Video by the French Band is Illuminating


It's interesting that we live in a world where photoshopping of celebrities still happens so frequently, but we don't always see how it has changed images. In the past few weeks, there has been an uproar about Lena Dunham being touched up in Vogue (although, at the end of the day, she was barely changed), and French band, Boggie, released the video for their song "Nouveau Parfum," where the lead singer is shown being photoshopped during the course of the video. 

While all the effects in the video aren't solely photoshop (she did have makeup applied at some point during filming), it's interesting to see just how much they can do with computers and how much that has skewed our version of reality.

Pretty neat, huh? I like seeing stuff like this, because it's a healthy reminder that looks are almost always deceiving. I hope we can remember that when we see a woman on the cover of a magazine, she has often been photoshopped to within an inch of her life

Very neat little video, don't you think? 

What do you think about things like this that expose photoshop trickery?

BOGGIE - "NOUVEAU PARFUM" (official music video) from THE SOUP on Vimeo.