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Has Your Taste In Pop Culture Changed?

What do you love, and what do you loathe?


So, as we all know, the 71st Annual Golden Globes just aired and I tweeted along with so many of youas per usualusing our #YMCGlobes tag. But, while watching the awards (Tina and Amy were perfect as always), I realized that nothing exciting or really all that interesting happened, so why recount the same thing everyone else will be? But what to write? Then I tweeted this during the Best Original Song award:

confession: I hate U2 with the fire of one thousand suns today, but 15 years ago, I loved them. #ymcglobes

And that got me thinking about all the things I loved then but loathe now. U2, for me, became sort of hackneyed. Contrite. Overdone. I think this joke sums up my feelings: What's the difference between Jesus and Bono? Jesus doesn't think he's Bono (wah wahhhhhh). People still love U2, and they have a legacy of amazing music, but for me, the last 10 years or so have been very blah. So, I've moved on. 

But what is it in general that makes people change? It can't be the folly of my youth, because many bands/genres I loved then, I still love (Led Zeppelin will always be one of the best, to me), and many I disliked then, I dislike now (I am NOT a fan of Pink Floyd. Not now, not then, not ever). There are trends and styles that go in and out of fashion that may lead many people in and out of their pop culture moments, but lasting thingslike U2 or certain novels, movies, etc.are ones that you can love at one point and not in another. And I'm not talking sweeping, huge very popular things, either. I'm talking more personal. 

So, since I find this whole thing fascinating and confusing, I wonderwhat were you once interested in that you no longer like, and why do you think that happened? And I'm not talking, "I liked Sweet Valley High as a teen, but grew out of it." I'm talking, "Pearl Jam used to be my favourite band, but now they're meh, whatever." (This is something I've actually said, by the way.)