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Steven and Chris are in the Holiday Spirit

Awesome Christmas Set on the CBC Show


Last week, I got a chance to visit the set of the Steven and Chris show, as they've really ramped up the look for the holiday season. It was fun being in a studio talking about all the gorgeous decorations and helping me feel festive since we are in the middle of moving (next week, FINALLY) and I don't have a tree or an inch of decorations up! The set is a take on Santa's workshop and the guys were really excited to show all the gorgeous pieces to me. 


That train WORKS! It can be driven around the set, and it is huge. One of my favourite parts of this side of the set are the trees you can see in the back there. They are so fluffy and nice but have me longing for my Christmas tree....which I really need to get. 

The part of the set that Steven and Chris are most excited about is the "workshop." 


Behind them, you can see boatloads of toys, which are all from Ikea. The thing that makes Steven really giddy about this corner is that Ikea Canada is working with UNICEF to donate $1 from every stuffed toy purchase to UNICEF to help fund educational programs around the world. All the toys on set were purchased by the show, so that's a lot of dollars donated to the charity. 

I had no idea that Ikea did this before the visit, so when I was there yesterday picking up various things for the move, I grabbed Lauchie his one and only Christmas present: a giant stuffed dragon. 

When the guys kicked off the set last week, they also had a pretty fantastic exclusive interview with Martha Stewart, which you can watch online now.

You can check out Steven and Chris' holiday set for the remainder of the week leading up to Christmas, and get out to Ikea if you can to help support UNICEF.