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Lady Gaga Admits To Smoking Pot

What exactly is our standard for acceptable behaviour?

Drug use among celebrities

Lady Gaga has been on a media binge, talking to media near and far about Tuesday's musical release: ARTPOP. While I've heard a few songs (I like the collaboration with R. Kelly and Gypsy), one thing that stuck out for me was her openly discussing the amount of pot she has smoked. She even has a song on the album called Dope that is about her kicking her habit so as not to lose those closest to her. I especially enjoyed her Howard Stern interview last week. But one thing that has really stuck out for me is that while no one really bats an eyelash about Gaga's use, Toronto's mayor has admitted to not only smoking pot (in the past) but that he's purchased and used crack cocaine in the last year while he's been mayor. 

Gaga has alluded to harder drug use as well, and hasn't come out and expressly said "I've done ecstasy" or whatever drugs she may have done, while Miley Cyrus admits to using MDMA, and Madonna has sung about the drug. 

Is it just that we expect artists to be users? Or that we accept it? 

I personally think any business leader or political leader should not have their brain clouded by use of any drugs OR alcohol (in excess), but I do think that musicians, although they may be "leaders" in celeb-dom don't have to live up to the same regulations. 

In films and TV over the years, drug and drink have been both demonized and glamourized, but I think the onus really is on the parents to teach the right and wrong and accept that even the best kid might be tempted into trying something (because a lot of us did in our youth). When drug use becomes so front and centre as it has with this awful Toronto mayor situation, it takes it from a theoretical use (as one might see in a movie) and into the real world. 

Maybe it's a good teaching tool to show what drug use and alcoholism can cause in a real adult's life with true consequences? Regardless, Rob Ford has gone from Toronto sideshow to TMZ, so this is getting beyond out of hand. 

What do you think about drug use in popular culture?