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Max Steel Launches on Teletoon

My Fan Expo Find is Great For Kids


For those into this sort of thing, Fan Expo Canada happened a few weeks ago (more on this year's Expo in coming weeks), and one of the things that drew me in was the new Mattel produced show — Max Steel. The show is a multi-platform show for kids which uses cool CGI, online content, games and the like to immerse kids in the high-stakes world of the titular star. He's sort of a multi-media version of GI Joe for this generation (but obviously with more out-of-this-world action). 

Whether we like it our not, we live in a digital age and shows that are multi-platform give kids new ways to explore the worlds they love. Max Steel does just that from the get-go with a cool multimedia site (www.maxsteel.com), toys, games and all sorts of neat content across all sorts of devices. 

Besides that, the Max Steel "mandate" is family-centred storytelling that's focused on teaching kids about cooperation, kindness, problem solving and the like. It's nice to see a show where they are specifically trying to add to the work parents already do in teaching kids strong values. 

Also, robots and monsters and flying and action. 

We try and limit Henry's screen time for a number of reasons, but a show like Max Steel is one we'll let him dig into on a lazy Sunday morning. 

So, spill it! Do your kids love Max Steel?