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Having Babies: Is 40 The New 30?

Report: Gwen Stefani Pregnant With Her Third Child


In Style is reporting this week that Gwen Stefani is pregnant with her 3rd child. A few years ago, she alluded to a possible miscarriage and how she wanted a third child, but was happy to have what she did and if it wasn't going to happen, then so be it. But, news today is that she's about to give Kingston and Zuma a baby brother or sister early next year. Stefani and her husband, rocker Gavin Rossdale are both in their 40s (she's 43, he's 47). If she is pregnant, she will be the second celebrity this year to announce a pregnancy in her 40s (Halle Berry is due before the close of 2013). But these two aren't the only Hollywood women who opted to have children over 40, so I wonder, is this a growing trend?

Tina Fey had her second daughter, Penelope at 41, and Mariah Carey had twins with her husband Nick Cannon at 42. Mira Sorvino had a baby at 44 and Uma Thurman recently gave birth at 41. So, what gives? I'm 34 and would like another baby in the next few years, but the idea of a third baby over 40 sort of terrifies me. I'm tired and achy now, so what would my body do at 44?

Madonna didn't have her first child until she was 38, and her second at 42! Is this a career thing? I wonder if it's the Hollywood machine being so interested in youth and beauty that's pushing celeb moms to have kids in their late thirties and up to their mid forties. So I'm curious, Yummy Mummies: When did you have your kids? Those of you who had kids over 40 — could you tell me the circumstances? 

I find the whole thing fascinating and am interested to see if this"trend" will continue. 

So, spill it! What do you think of the 40 is the new 30 trend for babies in Hollywood?