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Celebrity Push Presents

Yet Again, Celebs are Taking Things to the Extreme

So, of course I have baby on the brain. Baby number two, aka Lauchie, aka Lucky, aka Lachlan (more on his arrival and name in weeks to come) is two weeks old and I'm working on getting back into my normal routine. And then Kim Kardashian has to go and upstage me by having her baby, North, weeks early (celebrity baby names, amirite?). But news today is that the lunacy surrounding the early arrival of little North West (no middle name, aka Nori) isn't quite over. Apparently Kanye got Kim a Push Present of epic proportions. 

But let's back it up for a second. I didn't even know that push presents were a thing until just before H was born and a friend of mine told me about the (newish) practice. She said she could hardly believe the amount of high price jewelry women were getting for having babies. Literally just for doing something that we've done since the dawn of time. Because having a baby in the 21st century is so hard that we need to be rewarded with diamonds, right? 

And that's not to say that I don't think hubbies should take us for granted. Because I don't. But I also don't need a diamond ring or earrings just because I had a kid. I like getting jewelry, but we can save it for an anniversary (like my 5th, which is in about 3 weeks. AHEM MATT ARE YOU READING THIS?) or some other romantic gesture. 

So, Kanye reportedly spent tens of thousands on private rooms and a super high end doula for Kim's 4-day hospital stay postpartum, but on top of this, he's reportedly bought her a tiger striped diamond ring worth over half a million dollars. The Sun in the UK reports it's just a push present, although, they would like to get married in the fall. While I don't necessarily believe the marriage rumours, I certainly believe the push present thing. Of course, dude is going to spend that much money. He's lavish and wild and has a song called I Am God on an album called Yeezus for frig's sake.

But, lest you think Kanye is the only over the top push present giver, think again. Kanye's BFF Jay-Z got wife Beyonce a giant ring after the birth of their daughter Blue Ivy, Marc Anthony spent nearly 3 million on earrings and a ring for then wife JLo after the birth of their twins and Helena Bonham Carter received motorcycle boots from Tim Burton after the birth of their daughter Nell.

Yep, motorcycle boots.

So, spill it! What do you think of push presents? Did you receive one?