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Simon Cowell Egged on Britain's Got Talent

Former contestant seeks revenge live on finale!

In oddly strange (yet somehow satisfying) news, looks like Saturday night's Britain's Got Talent finale was crashed by a former contestant. A contestant from last season, Natalie Holt, crashed the stage during one of the finalist's performances to throw eggs at judge/producer Simon Cowell. 

She later said, "I want to apologize to Richard and Adam (the two who were performing at the time) for overshadowing their performance. I have never done anything like this before and in hindsight, I have realized it was a silly thing to do." No rhyme or reason as to why, but I suspect I know: Who doesn't want to throw eggs at Simon Cowell and his ridiculous tight shirts and annoying "I know better than you" smirk from time to time? But it doesn't mean anyone should throw eggs at him...right? 

I'm wondering how she got past the stage security especially considering she wasn't even a contestant this season! This seems just a little bit strange, no? The two performers handled it incredibly well, though. You can watch the video here:

This seems like something that would never happen on Canada's Got Talent, and especially not on America's Got Talent, which is why I really think something about this is staged. But I'm not sure what. 

Although, seeing Simon get egged is pretty entertaining. 

So, spill it! What do you think of Simon Cowell getting eggs thrown at him on BGT?