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Just In Time For Father's Day, It's Hollywood's Worst Dads

Shame on Radar Online

This week, Radar Online decided to post a slideshow of Hollywood's Best and Worst Parents. The headline I'd intitially seen over on ONTD was Hollywood's Worst Dads and I clicked through wondering why in the hell anyone would want to target dads this way, and just before Father's Day. 

Of course, Radar was ruthless, pointing out the foibles of these people and calling them "the worst" either because of previous addiction, an angry voicemail or some other one-time deal. Granted, I may call into question why some of these people do what they do (or have done) but worst? Really, Radar Online? And to lump Alec Baldwin's now infamous "rude, thoughtless little pig" voicemail in with Courtney Love's drug addiction or any of the Teen Mom bad behaviours is just silly. 

Of course, the mums don't get it any better. Kris Kardashian is called one of the worst, as is Teen Mom's Janelle, who has a serious heroin addiciton. 

And while I'm not going to sit here and pretend that I haven't called into question the actions of some celebrity parents (hello, Kelsey Grammer's weird night at the Playboy Manison, anyone?), I certainly wouldn't call anyone "The Worst." Yeah, we make mistakes, and yeah, we do some pretty questionable stuff, every one of us. But the worst? For something either once-in-a-lifetime, caught in the act (I'm looking at Alec Baldwin here) or even something more serious like a drug addiction, it's not particularly fair to call any parent "The Worst."

Especially when all we know about them is being reported by those of us who follow these things. 

So, spill it! What do you think about articles calling celebrity parents "The Best" and "The Worst?"