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Demi Moore's Sexy New Boy Toy

Younger man has a little something extra for her pleasure

When I read this news today, I started grinning ear-to-ear. I'm not exactly sure why, but for all the struggles Demi Moore has had over the last few years, something about this has made me chuckle to myself. I think I may have actually said, "Get it, girl!" out loud at my computer. 

Anyways, Demi Moore seems to be very much into younger men. And her new guy is no exception. Last month, Moore went on a 3 day yoga retreat in order to become a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor. There, she met a 30-year-old Australian whose day job is "Pearl Diver" (I think he hunts for wild pearls?). He's hunky, blonde, and bendy. But he's got something a little Moore (I couldn't help myself!). Apparently, young master Will Hanigan had a real pearl inserted underneath the skin on his penis. Basically, he's a walking, talking "ribbed for her pleasure" sort of guy. The genital beading thing isn't new, as it's fairly common in the body modification community, but I've never heard of anyone putting anything other than industrial grade hard silicone under their skin. So, for me, that's a first. 

Hello! Magazine has a photo of the hunky dude, as news of the romance as well has his *ahem* family jewels makes the rounds on the internet. Like I said, something about this story is just great and I'm having a very fun time reporting it to you guys. 

So, spill it! What do you think of Demi's newest flame?