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Toopy and Binoo and The Marshmallow Moon

The "Day of Epic Adventure"

Over the last few weeks, Toopy and Binou and The Marshmallow Moon has been touring Canada. The show is a fun little live-action romp with T&B running all over the place — from their fishbowl, to the moon and back in search of a song for Toopy to sing for his friend Binoo. We got a package of tickets through American Express Delights, not knowing what to expect and having one of the best days out with kids I've had ever. 

Since Matt works the graveyard, and our second sprite has yet to make his debut, I brought our friend Naomi and her little girl, Anabell. Naomi and I have never even entertained the idea of taking our kids to a show, especially at such a young age (our kids are around 1 month apart, both just over 2) but we had a super fun day. I couldn't believe it. I mostly couldn't believe it because growing up, any time my brother and I would ask our mum to take us to see a show, she would basically tell us that a day like that would be her idea of the worst kind of torture. So, we never saw a single live show. After taking H & A to see Toopy and Binoo, I understand how absolutely wrong my mum had it. 

Yes, there are a lot of kids. Yes, it's a bit chaotic. But seeing H waving his Delights package wand and shouting 'Binoo! Binoo!" like the guy was Paul McCartney was amazing. 

Henry at Toopy and Binou

With the package, we had snacks, tees and those fancy wands all included (as well as parking!) which took absolutely any stress out of the day. All we had to do was collect our sprites and show up. While Anabell was more interested in the mirrors in the hallway, Henry was dancing in the aisles. For days afterwards, he talked about how we had gone to "Toopy and Binoo's house!" It was really super adorable. 

Now, I'm scouring the net for the next show I can take the guy to. He loves Yo Gabba Gabba! but they toured last year, so we may have to wait a while before they come back. And even with all the chaos and kids, I'm hoping that we're instilling in him a love of live theatre and music that will carry him into adulthood. 

Also, for a kid that doesn't nap, the show sure took enough out of him for this to happen within moments of being alone in the car:

So, spill it! Have you taken your kids to see a stage show before?