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I Love Jennifer Lawrence

And you should too

Jennifer Lawrence was this year's winner for Best Actress at the Oscars, and whether you loved or hated her performance (or the movie), you have to admit that her happiness is contagious. Though many of us probably know her from her role as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games, this wasn't J-Law's first nomination with the Academy. The 22-year-old was previously nominated for her role in Winter's Bone, making her one of the youngest actresses ever nominated (she didn't win).

But this isn't why you should love Jennifer Lawrence.

She's played Mystique in X-Men first class, a role which she'll be reprising in the new installment of the series next year.

But this isn't why you should love Jennifer Lawrence.

You should love Jennifer Lawrence because she's funny, down-to-earth and is reacting to all the excitement in her life the same way any one of us would—with total dork out moments, humour and shock. 

One of the best things I've seen about Jennifer Lawrence is her appreciation that she doesn't necessarily look the same as the Hollywood mainstays, and she's OK with that. She's tall, she's curvier than many and she's oh-so-adorkable. She also understands (at 22!) that celebrity is fickle and it all could go away at any time and for any reason and she's totally OK with that. Her hyper awareness of her situation is remarkable. Many celebs who have been in the game for years don't have the clarity or appreciation for their situations quite like Jen does and it seems like a breath of fresh air! 

She also doesn't seem to take anything about Hollywood too seriously and just rolls with pretty much anything. Case in point? She recently admitted during an interview that she "stalked" John Stamos at a party they were both at, following him from room-to-room while "staring at his butt" (and come on, who WOULDN'T do that with Stamos?). 

Am I gushing yet? I also really adore the fact that J-Law isn't just doing "safe" films or "blockbuster" roles. I mean, sure, X-Men and The Hunger Games are two of the biggest science fiction franchises ever to be produced, but she's just as comfortable in Silver Linings Playbook or Winter's Bone

BUT I think the thing I like THE BEST about Jennifer Lawrence is her reaction to everything in her life right now: one of sheer joy, confusion and happiness. Even her trip up the steps at the Oscars was amazing. But what happened afterwards sealed the deal for my love:

The exchange is a little hard to hear, but Jack tells her that he is a "big fan" and that he loved her in SLP. He then goes on to say, "You look like an old girlfriend." Her response? "Do I look like a NEW one?" Jack, "I thought about it." Her reaction is a gif for the ages. 

Between Jack, Jennifer Garner, and just the sheer joy in her life, I can't help but see that her star is not only on the rise, she'll be the actress that young girls look up to for years to come. 

So, spill it! What do you think of Jennifer Lawrence? 


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