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Lance Armstrong: The Aftermath of Oprah

Reactions, trending, opinions and the truth about Livestrong

Last week, Oprah sat down for a two-part interview with disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong on her OWN channel. The interview was at times both painful to watch (Lance seemed really to be trying hard to come across as honest which made him seem to be even bigger of a liar), and strange (Oprah, at times seemed to fawn over Armstrong). But what has come about since the interview? Mostly hurt and anger. The interview was the most watched TV in Canada—over 2.5 million viewers—and had everyone on Twitter talking. This was the thing we were talking about last week. But what's happened since then? 

Hurt, anger, stress, and reactions from friends and fans alike. Since the interview, two of Armstrong's biggest Hollywood supporters have come forward to talk about the interview, the admission and the scandal. And it seems they aren't too pleased either. Matthew McConaughey, who was questioned about his pal Lance while promoting a film at the Sundance Film Festival this week, said he was, "pissed off." He added, "I was mad. Then I got kind of sad for him. First off, I had a part of me that took it kind of personally, which I think a lot of people have." 

McConaughey added, however, that he's feeling optimistic for his friend entering a "new chapter" in his life and moving forward. A new chapter, indeed. 

Reports started surfacing almost as soon as the first part of the interview was done that Armstrong had, in fact, even lied to Oprah! There were interviews, anger, and tears. The whole situation is getting so convoluted at this point, that I'm starting to despise the man, his myth and the machine surrounding it. But, Lance still has his supporters. 

Many people are claiming that his work with his former foundation, Livestrong, has been life-affirming and quite helpful for people living with cancer, however, the charity has been dogged for years over how money is spent. Just this month, it was reported that the "charity" barely funds any research and that the majority of the money they raise goes to promoting the Livestrong brand, and up until this scandal broke, promoting Lance himself and their for-profit lifestyle website. 

So, Lance has made millions upon millions of dollars based entirely on lies and he claims he didn't ever "feel" like he was "cheating," and we're supposed to forgive him? Many claim he is now stepping forward because he wants his life-long sport ban lifted so that he can compete in Olympic Triathlon. He's willing to throw others under the bus, place blame and "call out" other team members, doctors and team leaders (almost like a mafia rat) in order to compete as an Olympian again. I'm pretty sure the vast majority of the American public as well as the government do not want an internationally disgraced man representing their nation on the world stage. What a massive, ignorant ego. 

Who does this guy think he is? Lance Armstrong? 

So, spill it! What do you think about Lance Armstrong's recent admission to doping?