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Fashion at the Les Miserables London Premiere

The photos tell a very weird fashion story

So, I think we are all pretty excited about the Les Mis phenomenon that's finally hitting the big screen in about 20 days, right? Right? Well, last night, there was a premiere event in London and the "fashion" was something else. Anne Hathaway has been famously going on and on about how she starved herself for the role and about how now she's worried that she's either not skinny enough for Hollywood or too skinny for herself (more on that another time). Her dress last night was, um....something entirely bizarre if you ask me. 

The guys looked amazing, as most men do in very expensive suits, so there's really nothing to report on that front. Amanda Seyfried's dress was an interesting choice that looks lovely at the top and as you slowly move your eyes down, it, um....let me show you because it gets weird. 


This top is very elegant, Parisian and glamourous, but the bottom half is like a flamenco dancer on crack. Very bizarre. More bizarre, however, is the usually lovely Anne Hathaway. I think she's trying to take more chances with fashion, which is awesome, but this one is missing a few marks.


What is this thing, and what's with the pose? I applaud her for making a bold statement, but this is a weirder than necessary one. She looks like a pearl-bedazzled feminine product. 

Weird fashion aside, I can't wait for this movie, and I suspect Ms. Hathaway can't wait for the promotion of it to be over. Why is that you ask? I think this photo sums up her feelings nicely:


So, spill it! What do you think of the stars of Les Mis and their fashion choices for the London red carpet?