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Best (And Worst) Dressed Pregnant Celebrities

Maternity wear isn't always the best for fashion

When I was pregnant the first time*, I had a little blog where I tracked my outfits (which I mostly use to reblog cute things on Tumblr now) because man, pregnancy "fashion" is kind of the worst. Well, not really the worst but maternity stores in Canada make it really hard for us to feel nice and look great while pregnant and otherwise feeling terrible about our growing bellies. I actually had to buy a number of pieces from my last mat leave in the states (Gap Maternity, COME TO CANADA, PLEASE!?) but overall, I think I was happy with how I looked. One thing I've noticed since then is how rocking some celebs have looked while pregnant...and one or two who have looked ridiculous. It's nice to know we're not the only women struggling with style and beauty while we have an ever expanding front section (and hips and back and boobs). 

The Great


Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson recently had her second child (and first with current partner) and she looked amazing through this pregnancy. Simple clothes, no crazy patterns and lots of non-maternity stuff. I try and wear non-maternity jackets and coats too, and as long as it's not freezing, you can leave them open. Well done, chic and mom-appropriate!


Beyonce Knowles

Bey is the Queen of Glamour and that showed even while she was pregnant. It probably helps to be surrounded by stylists and a mom who's a fashion designer, but she just looked amazing while pregnant. I'm sure she had off days like the rest of us, but man oh man, I'd love to look as good as she does on her "off" days. 


Camilla Alves

Wife of Matthew MacConaughey, Alves is a real stunner in what I highly doubt is maternity wear. One of the nicest parts of living in a day and age where cotton and lycra are woven through so many fabrics is being able to buy lovely jersey knits and other soft blends that allow us to look and feel great when pregnant. 


The Not Great


Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi

You can take the girl out of the shore but can't take the shore out of the girl, apparently. For all Snooki's change, the one thing she didn't get rid of while pregnant was the over-the-top everything. The nails. The hair. The makeup. Yuck. 


Erica Ehm (photo unavailable)

And I quote, "I used to be a celebrity and I looked like shit when I was pregnant." Doubtful (cause, have you seen Erica? She's a fox and a half!), but I'll take her word for it.


So, *spill it! What celebs do you think rocked their maternity period? Which celebs missed the mark?

For those of you who didn't get that comment: I am pregnant again! Baby number two, friends! xo