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P!nk: Breastfeeding's New Celebrity Champion

Proud mama stands up for her right to breastfeed in public

Maybe it's an American thing? I have never been met with very much resistance to breastfeeding in public—and I still do, when necessary, breastfeed my 19-month-old son in public. Without a cover! 

But recently, singer P!nk was breast feeding (with a cover) in a restaurant her infant daughter when a man walked by and made a disgusted, twisting face while moaning, "uggh." (according to the singer)

P!nk didn't back down. She reportedly told the man, "You didn't get enough hugs when you were little." with her husband, motocross rider Carey Hart warning her she'd be starting a fight. She apparently responded that she'll always defend her right to nurse. 

She's been very open about nursing, even tweeting a photo of nursing her baby, Willow while taking a break from a photo shoot for her new, critically acclaimed album, The Truth About Love (which also is her first #1!). 

It's awesome to see mamas like P!nk being open about the use of breasts for their intended purpose—feeding infants. It's bothersome to me that in 2012, men and women are disgusted by the act of feeding a child in public. 

Hopefully, more breast feeding mamas in the public eye speak out in favour of something so natural and wonderful. 

So, spill it! What do you think of P!nk's response to the gentleman who was grossed out by her nursing in a restaurant?