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TIFF 2012 Round-Up

Tidbits from the first few days of Canada's top film festival

First thing's first—did you know that TIFF officially changed it's name to TIFF FESTIVAL? Seriously, Toronto International Film Festival Festival. What in the world are they thinking? (PS, I'm not calling it TIFF Festival. It doesn't make sense)

Anyways, there have been some top-notch movies, some awesome celebrity sitings and an out-of-hiding actress who's curiously open.

Let's start with some sightings. My friend Melissa D'agostino ran into John Krasinski (he of The Office and married to the gorgeous actress Emily Blunt) and he was friendly, kind and asked her how she was doing. Over at the Snoop Lion party (yep, Snoop Dogg is still doing this Lion/Bob Marley incarnate thing), the room was full of nerdy, non-hip-hop dudes breaking it down. I bet that was fun to watch AND fun to be at. Word is, too, that my dreamiest of dream celebrity crushes, Mr. Alexander Skarsgard is in town, spotted at the What Maisie Knew party with Julianne Moore. My friend Sarah stood next to him and said he's so tall she didn't think the top of her head even came up to the bottom of his shoulderblades. Kidnapping him for me would have been difficult. 

Bestie Ari says that Pierce Brosnan is "much thinner" in real life and I've yet to hear what hot-spots Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes have hit (anyone?).

So far, the movies that have been shown are getting pretty solid reviews, too. Looper the movie I'm probably most excited about, opened the festival on the 6th (did you know it's on my list of top movies to see by the end of the year, and that I've got a Scene contest going on? You should check it out).

My man on the street, Kris Kadas also recently saw Seven Psychopaths starring Colin Farrell, Sam Rockwell, Christopher Walken and Woodly Harrelson and he said it was fantastic. He got to hang out during the QA too!


There have also already been quite a few amazing Red Carpet looks. The one that blew me away most was Kristen Stewart. I know, I know, one of my very first blog posts here at YMC was me questioning her fashion sanity. But this look for the special presentation of On The Road? Gorgeous.


And here are Dredd 3D stars Karl Urban and Olivia Thirlby



All in all, this TIFF seems like it's biggger than ever. The celebs are coming out in droves and the movies sound like they're all pretty great. So, spill it! Are you excited for TIFF? Have you spotted any celebs in Toronto?