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Jackson Children Custody Update

Things have gone from bad to OMG

So, just an update for you guys. This situation has gone from bad to OMGWTFBBQSVU. 

A Los Angeles judge Friday, ordered an investigation into the well-being of Jacko's three kids (Paris, Prince—aka Royal—and Blanket), and that matriarch Katherine is handing guardianship over to Tito Jackson's adult son, TJ. 

Judge Mitchell Beckloff ordered that each of the children be interviewed separately and that the ONLY person who gets to see the interviews is the judge himself. No lawyers. No plaintiffs. No one. 

This co-guardianship is supposedly to ease Katherine's day-to-day burden and put most of the child-rearing onus on TJ. She will still manage the monthly finances of the family. 

According to them, the 10 day "spa stay" was just that—and Grandma Katherine has been overwhelmed and overworked taking care of the Jackson Three so this is all very welcome to her. 


Katherine's caregiver (she's in her 80s!) and nephew says that she's been lied to and, "bamboozled." I think this co-guardianship is to protect her (Katherine) from her own children. Having someone young and with his wits about him who won't be forced to a "spa" retreat is a good thing. 

I'm both confused and intrigued by this situation. I'm so curious to know how it will play out, yet totally sure we'll never get the full story.