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How To Cut An Onion Like a Chef

so smart it'll bring a tear to your eye

Well, you'd think this would be easy but honestly, there is a proper way to cut an onion. Huh. Imagine that. All these years I chopped my onions a particular way and would you believe, I was doing it wrong all this time? Of course I was but now I know the chef secret, which I am going to pass on to you.

Trust me, this is so easy you'll wonder why you haven't always chopped onions this way.

1. Get yourself a good knife and a cutting board. Wooden cutting boards are best. See that end of the onion with all the scraggly bits hanging off of it? That is the root. Remember this, it's important. I often cut a bit off the other end first.

2. Cut the onion in half through the root end. Peel all the papery layers off and throw them away, but keep the root end intact. You might want to pull off all those gnarly bits that I left on my onion.


3. Cut the onion almost to, but not through, the root. You want the root intact so that it helps keep the onion together instead of bits falling out and all over the place as you slice.

4. Chop the onion! Of course when you get to the root part, just throw it out. You'll end up with perfectly chopped onion every time.

See? Easy peasy.