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Teen With Down Syndrome Scores Modelling Opp

Fit in while standing out

Down syndrome model

Talk about inspiration. A clothing retailer whose slogan is to fit in while standing out has just found its perfect face in Karrie Brown, a teen with modelling aspirations, who also happens to have Down's syndrome.

When Karrie reached out to Wet Seal, the company then challenged her to accrue more than 10,000 likes on Facebook in return for "something special." Well, the St. Louis-area girl more than delivered, garnering some 14,000 likes on her page at the time, and now the retail chain has since flown her to California for a photo shoot.

“Karrie’s enthusiasm and passion for fashion caught our attention and has inspired all of us here at Wet Seal,” said Wet Seal's CEO, John Goodman. “...Wet Seal is proud to be part of Karrie’s journey and we can’t wait for her to experience all of the surprises we have in store for her.”

More and more kids like Karrie are finding success in their own right, making their dreams come true by reaching out and believing in themselves. And behind every great kid, there's got to be supportive parents...

It's so refreshing to hear about open-minded and inclusive companies like Wet Seal, especially when hate and prejudice continue to plague children with differences. (Abercrombie, are you listening?)

What's your child's passion? How are you helping them make it a reality?

Image credit: Sue Brown