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Top ADHD Bloggers

We are not islands

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Whether or not you believe that ADHD is overdiagnosed and overprescribed, millions of kids in the U.S. and Canada suffer from attention deficit disorder. And with the school year ahead, many will struggle to succeed.

Having any child with special needs can be isolating and challenging. Luckily there are some bloggers out there sharing their awesome tips and personal stories to make you and your child feel less alone.

The health and wellness site Sharecare has just published a list of the Top 10 ADHD Bloggers, collated as the most "influential people in ADHD conversations on the web."

We are not islands. I firmly believe that having a community is really helpful in dealing with everyday parenting struggles. They say it takes a village to raise a child, but I say it takes a village to support a parent, especially one whose child has extra needs.

Check out these authorities on ADHD and find some that really speak to you:

  1. Charles Parker, DO – CorePsych.com
  2. Keath Low – ADD.about.com
  3. Bryan Hutchinson – ADDerworld.com
  4. Edward Hallowell, MD – DrHallowell.com
  5. Douglas Cootey – DouglasCootey.com
  6. Maia Szalavitz – Healthland.time.com
  7. Kelly Babcock – PsychCentral.com
  8. Jennifer Koretsky – ADHDManagement.com
  9. Adrienne Ehlert Bashista – ADHDmomma.com
  10. Stacey Turis – ADDitudemag.com

Anyone you would add to this list?


Image credit: Flickr/y Marco Raaphorst