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What Is It Like To Have Autism?

Welcome to Carly's Cafe...

Carly's Cafe

Ever wonder what goes on in the mind of someone with autism? Most of us will never know. But thanks to Carly Fleischmann, and an award-winning video set in a cafe, we are one step closer to understanding.

What should be a simple transaction—buying a cup of joe—can be fraught with anxiety and sensory overload for someone on the spectrum.

According to an article in the Toronto Star, 18-year-old Carly made the video in conjunction with her father Arthur's ad company, John St., to give the world better insight into her world.

Although Carly is nonverbal, she has been using iPads and various devices to publicly communicate her challenges. She also wrote a chapter in her dad's 2012 book, 'Carly’s Voice, Breaking Through Autism.'

In Carly's Cafe—which recently won the silver award for public service at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity—she plays herself alongside actors representing her father and sister. 

The must-see video also features an interactive component that allows users to experience firsthand "the visual and auditory distraction that most of us could easily block out but which becomes an engulfing hindrance for people like Carly,” says her father.

Bravo to Carly, on her growing list of achievements, which will soon include attending University of Toronto to study journalism!  

Image credit: Flickr/gonzalo.rivero