Julie Green: The Other Side of the Coin


The Justin Bieber Tragedy

Why I'm no Belieber

Whatever happened to that unwritten golden pop star rule—best seen and not heard—circa 1990?

Justin Bieber has been at it again. In another ill-advised media stunt, our pretty boy and national treasure was snapped posing with a fake hand gun... Was he trying to toughen up his squeaky clean image and go more street on us? Were the low-riding jeans and earring studs not achieving the desired effect?

This, in a recent spate of idiocy that began with comments about his native heritage in Rolling Stone, in which Bieber claimed to be just ‘Indian enough’ to get free gas in Canada. Next he was openly jeering at Prince William's baldness. (Hair gods, if you're listening, please give this boy his comeuppance.)

I'm no monarchist, yet I find the Prince's attitude toward his receding hairline one of the few refreshing aspects about the Royals. Frankly, it's a nice change from Harry's Vegas antics. And Biebs has to go and diss Wills for being secure enough in his own skin not to care about his appearance. From one prince to another, man up and show some respect.

If he can't keep his foot out of it, Biebs ought to have the sense, as did Ashton Kutcher, to get a PR bod to manage his Twitter account. Or else do as his elders warned, and keep one's trap firmly shut if one hasn't got anything nice to say...

But back to the gun posturing. Even for die hard Beliebers, this latest faux pas surely takes the biscuit, given the tragic mass shootings that occurred in Colorado and elsewhere in recent months. How can anyone be that insensitive and disconnected from the real world?

For a celebrity with such reach (Bieber has 27 million followers on Twitter alone), the real tragedy is how he's failing to use his incredible influence to provide young people with the role model they so desperately need.

You can either grow up to be an inspiration or an ignorant twerp, Justin. It's your call.