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Fashion Fail On The Marilyn Dennis Show

Polished Does Not Come Easy For This Mama Of Many

A couple of weeks ago I was on The Marilyn Denis Show. In light of the Royal Wedding, the topic of the day was everything weddings. I got to chit-chat with Marilyn and Jeanne Beker about whether or not kids should be invited to weddings, and if they are, what can be done to ensure good behavior. I’m pretty comfortable dishing out advice about kids at weddings, and if you want to get my tips, have a look at the clip. You may also notice that I look pretty stylin’ on my Marilyn debut. After friends and family saw the clip, my inbox began to overflow with comments like:  “Your shoes were FABULOUS!” ,  “Your hair was gorgeous!” and “You looked so polished!”

That polished look did not come easily:

1)    I arrived wearing brown slouchy boots. There *may* have been salt stains on them. The segment producer gently suggested that she might try to source some other footwear for me. She grabbed some peek-a-boo pumps. Unfortunately, they would show off what was left of the pedicure I had 8 months ago - a few spots of nail polish on each big toenail. We were saved when we rolled a model for the pair of closed-toed pumps she was wearing. Phew.

2)    I was told to come hair ready. So I did. Then I got sent to the hair stylist.

3)    I’m not big into accessorizing. The last time I wore earrings was my wedding day, which is also the last time I wore my wedding band and engagement ring. Jewelry doesn’t exactly fit into my lifestyle at the moment. I must have looked a little “bare” because the next thing I knew, the producer was slipping a funky bracelet onto me.

So while I look pretty darn polished, the truth behind the scenes is that the dishing on kid stuff is right up my alley, but the fashion clearly needs to be left to someone else!