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I Don't Hate Winter But I Might Hate You

We're all in this together. So get over yourself.

In case you haven't heard, it's winter. 

Winter is one of those things that's easy to hate. It's the Nickelback of seasons. It's got a great big target on its back - which it hurt shovelling the goddamned driveway for the third goddamned time this week, by the way. From frigid temperatures to mountains of snow and slush, winter isn't particularly popular among those who endure its wrath.

Kick Those Winter Blues To The Curb

But not for me. I don't hate winter. I hate you.

Ok; that's a bit unfair. I mean, I don't hate all of you. Many of you are downright charming people, I've been told. But based on what I see day to day, I have to think I hate a fairly sizeable percentage of you.

Because winter itself isn't insufferable, people make it that way.

I'm talking to you, guy who shovels his driveway snow into the road instead of into his yard.

I'm talking to you, lady who tailgates on the highway during a snow storm.

I'm talking to you, guy who doesn't sweep off his car before driving to work, showering the people behind you with snow and ice.

Maybe You Don't Hate Winter. Maybe You're Allergic To It.

I'm talking to you, lady who parks in the fire lane at the grocery store because it's "too cold" to walk across the parking lot.

I'm talking to you, lady who parks her car on the street directly across from someone else parked on the street, making the street all but impassable (the photo at the top of this article was posted by @OttawaFireFPO because apparently common sense alone isn't enough to prevent people from parking like that). 

We're all in this together, people. Winter is going to happen. But we can make it suck a lot less if we take five minutes to think about how our actions affect other people. We can dress for cold. We can plan for snow. But we can't make other people less selfish. 

That's on you.