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Coffee Snobbery: A Pod Brewer vs. My Trusty Grind-n-Brew

A caffeinated throw down!

Coffee snobbery: A pod brewer VS my trusty grind-n-brew

My name is Joe and I'm a coffee snob.

A few years ago I had my first taste of truly fresh (roasted that morning, ground just before brewing) coffee and it quickly became my caffeine delivery method of choice. At the time, my wife and I weren't quite as dependent as we are these days (read: we hadn't had a kid yet) and most of our coffee was consumed leisurely, either over a morning paper on a weekend or in a coffee shop. Taking a few extra minutes to grind the beans and make the perfect pot was part of the ritual.

So when the TASSIMO T65 arrived on my doorstep so I could try it out and tell you all about it, I greeted it with excitement...and a little bit of skepticism.

Single-shot brewers are part of my life, of course, as they are with most people. My office, client sites, even many hotels are now offering up TASSIMOs in place of the barely-better-than-instant filter packs that were prominent even a few short years ago. While I've always appreciated the consistency and convenience of the coffee they produce, I never imagined one replacing my trusty grind-and-brew unit.

After putting this new brewer through its paces, I have to admit that it hasn't replaced my reliable coffee maker. It has, however, and somewhat to my surprise, established itself as an integral part of my kitchen countertop arrangement. Here's why:

A Massive Variety of Drink Options

TASSIMO offers the widest beverage variety among at-home brewers. From T-Discs that can make lattes and cappuccinos to hot chocolates and teas, having the T65 allows us to offer up more options than cream and sugar. Our house has become the go-to house for family entertaining and with the holidays coming up, this is going to be very, very useful. Sister-in-law wants a mocha? Done. Mother-in-law wants tea? Easy.

It's drinks on-demand with the push of a button. 

It's Foolproof

Making coffee with the TASSIMO really is foolproof—the machine does all the work for you. The patented barcode technology automatically adjusts water level, temperature, and brew time to make the perfect cup. So there's no cleaning out and filling the grinder, putting in a filter, adding water and pouring out a cup from our regular carafe.

Convenience and Consistency

Tassimo in action

The coffee is good and there are plenty of options! And more importantly, it's consistent. No weak pots because I accidently put in too few beans. No skunky pots if I don't clean the machine thoroughly enough. 

The Conclusion?

I like that in the end, I don't have to choose because I still do love the sound of the grinder and the smell of the freshly ground beans. Having a TASSIMO doesn't mean I have to get rid of my freshly-roasted beans or my trusty grind-and-brew machine. I came into this assignment picturing a duel-to-the-death throwdown but really, there's plenty of room in my kitchen for snobbery AND convenience. I'm happy to welcome the T65 to my counter!

On those weekend mornings when I'm the first one up, it's nice to know I can safely consume that entire pot without worrying about making a second one for my wife. It's nice to know that one of us topping off our cup won't leave the other dry should they also need an extra dose.

Now if you'll excuse me, I think I hear a TASSIMO Vanilla Latte calling my name.

And I don't even have to put on pants (something most coffee shops tend to insist upon).