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Easy Winter Craft Idea: Polka-Dot Snow

Alternate title: When Did I Become Pinterest?

Easiest winter craft ever

If you a regular reader of this blog (hi Mom!) you'll notice that, of all the very many things I've blogged about here, crafting hasn't made the cut. Mostly because I'm not a particularly crafty person.

But snow forts? Snow forts are something I can get behind. And when I was asked my kid what she wanted in this year's front-yard fort, the responses were pretty much what I expected — a place to sit, a slide and a ladder to get up to the slide — save for one.

"... and polka dots, Daddy."

Challenge: Accepted.

Inspired, in part, by the crazy rainbow igloo that took the internet by storm a few weeks ago (and unbeknownst to my daughter), I added a few drops of food colouring to a cup of water then filled up some muffin tins, which I then froze. A few hours later? Instant polka dots (note: one of my colleagues pointed out this would also be a great way to make snowman parts and any number of other winter accessories).

I waited until she went to bed then went out to decorate her fort. I think she was pleased.